About firm services

About the firm’s services

Berliner Consulting & Research (now part of Manhattan Advisory Services) is built around providing clients with data, insight, and advice on mortgage-backed security (MBS) investment management and mortgage lending.  We help our clients understand and address developments in the mortgage lending and capital markets, and help them deal with analysis and report writing for directors and regulators.  Our client focus includes mortgage originators, all types of asset and investment managers, regulatory agencies, and law firms.

In particular, the firm focuses on the following areas:

•        Providing advice on managing investments in mortgages and MBS.  We assist investors on sector and asset selection, relative-value analysis, and risk management and monitoring.  We also evaluate passthrough and CMO offerings for suitability and competitiveness.

•        Helping loan originators manage and optimize their pipelines.  Our services include advice on duration and fallout management, optimal execution, and mortgage servicing rights (MSR) hedging.

•        Helping clients develop, evaluate, and maintain mission-critical systems.  We have substantial experience working with systems involved in loan and securities pricing and analysis, along with interest rate and credit risk management.

•        Reviewing and evaluating clients’ asset pricing and valuations.  This involves valuing security portfolios; manually reviewing and spot-checking third-party pricing reports; evaluating the methodologies and assumptions used by third-party providers; and valuing both new-production and legacy MSRs.

•        Allowing clients to outsource their regular research, reporting, and data-gathering functions.  The firm is available to undertake both regular reporting functions and ad-hoc research projects.  We offer highly professional writing and communication skills, and pledge fast turnaround on assignments.

•        Aiding clients in understanding and interpreting market developments.  We pay special attention to the interrelationships between the primary mortgage market, the capital markets, and the housing sector.  We are experts in helping clients understand how developments in one sector impact other markets, and how their operations may be affected.